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New Hosting: Digital Ocean & zPanel

I recently moved my hosting from an Amazon EC2 instance to a Digital Ocean droplet, and it's been pretty awesome. My favorite part by far is the pricing. With Amazon Web Services I was paying approximately $60/month, but with Digital Ocean I get significantly better service for my needs at $20/month (Comparison Chart). When I first signed-up at Digital Ocean, I signed-up for a hard-to-believe $5/month plan, but eventually had to upgrade due to insufficient RAM (at least that's my best guess).

It's been a long time...

It's been a long time since I began my career in web development, not that you can tell by this timeless theme I developed for Habari back in 2008. Despite the always evolving web industry, I feel my skill development has plateaued somewhat in the past year. To remedy this I've committed myself to a couple different side projects in addition to my professional goals. This post is basically a breakdown on what projects I plan to work on.