Sphider for WordPress

I’ve updated an obsolete WordPress plugin called Sphider to be functional again. It wasn’t very much work, but the plugin code is far from ideal. That being said, it works, and Sphider is a pretty neat PHP search script. If you can get past the iframed UI, I believe it could be a solution for those looking for an alternative to WordPress’ default search.

Updated Code: https://github.com/chasecrawford/sphider-for-wordpress

If you have any problems with my updated version, please leave a comment.

Sphider is originally a standalone PHP search engine.

New Job! Digital Application Developer at PriceWeber

I was lucky to be offered a position with local ad agency PriceWeber. I’m very excited about this new opportunity which will allow me to expand my skill set and showcase my current talents for a number of prestigious clients.


I didn’t expect to be leaving CustomWeb so soon, but I can’t speak highly enough about the team I worked with while I was there. Although PriceWeber allows me to work for larger companies, I still believe CustomWeb is one of the best solutions for small business owners or anyone looking for an affordable web presence.