What is Basketball FTW?

Basketball FTW (for the win) is a simulation-style basketball game driven and shaped by its community.  Users can create prospective players or coaches to compete at amateur and/or professional levels of a virtual basketball world.  Experienced users can use the wealth they accumulate from their player/coach salaries to buy franchises and even leagues – rewarding their participation with influence in the game.

Choose your own path

The landscape of Basketball FTW is constantly changing from the decisions users make at player, coach, and executive tiers.  The dynamic nature of the game means there is no sure blueprint for success.  There are countless decisions that determine how your coach or player develops and where their career takes them.  Users must find their niche while competing against others for fame, awards, and wealth.

When will Basketball FTW be available to play?

Our public beta is scheduled for the spring of 2015. Until then we will continue to publish insights about the game on this blog.